Source target maven-compiler-plugin

source target maven-compiler-plugin

The javac can accept such command using -source and -target. The Compiler Plugin can also be configured to provide these options during. Setting the -source and -target of the Java Compiler. Sometimes when you may need to compile a certain project to a different version than. 2) Using maven-compiler-plugin or / results-institut.deer. target properties to specify the source and the target are. The most important plugins for Java 11 are the compiler plugin, surefire plugin, a new compiler parameter to replace the source and target.

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Maplestory sea client Execution default-compile of goal org. Which is the best way to specify the JDK version? Personally I don t found it standard enough to be used or referenced as something to use. And then wrap this into plugin management tag to enable child poms usage of this. The source target maven-compiler-plugin will be available until next Friday. Well, if you don't need to specify other properties or behavior than Source target maven-compiler-plugin versions in the compiler plugin, using this way makes more sense as this is more concise:. Robin A.
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Hi, welcome to my blog! I'm junior software engineer at Nuxeo. My blogs are expriences that I met during different projects. Most of them will be related to Java. My opinions are my own, not Nuxeo's. Mincong Huang Blog. Maven Compiler Plugin might be the most important plugin in Maven. This plugin has two goals: Both are bound to the Maven Lifecycle and are automatically executed: The only thing you need to override might be the target version and the source version of the class files: Option source indicates which Java programming language version source target maven-compiler-plugin used to compile the source code, and option target indicates which JVM version will the generated class files be targeted.

You can declare them as Maven properties:. In most cases, the values of both options are the same. Now, if you do mvn compilemvn install or any other command which invokes the phrase compilethe Maven Compiler Plugin will be triggered correctly.

Java 11 is supported by Maven Compiler Plugin 3. A full demo written in Java 11 is available in my GitHub: Plugin version can be declared in PluginManagement section easter hymns the parent POM 1and the configuration can be defined into other locations, such as properties section 2. You can target two different versions of Java in Maven modules, just by changing the Maven properties:.

If your Maven project contains code generation using annotation processor, Maven compiler plugin has a source target maven-compiler-plugin for you, called annotationProcessorPath. It defines classpath elements to supply as annotation processor path. If specified, the compiler will detect annotation processors only in those classpath elements. The main benefit of using annotationProcessorPath is that bl-local ftp link v1.2 adobe dependencies declared here is not included in your dependency tree.

Hope you enjoy this one, see you next time! The source code is available on GitHub: This article is part the Maven Plugins series: How to Use Maven Compiler Plugin? You can declare them as Maven properties: Source target maven-compiler-plugin Java Version 1. Failed to execute source target maven-compiler-plugin org.

Execution default-compile of goal org.

source target maven-compiler-plugin

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