S 5 maps poser s figures

s 5 maps poser s figures

Jonathan S. Weissman,1,2,3,15,* and Luke A. Gilbert12,13,*. 1Department of .. Figure 5. Structure of Genetic Interactions in the GI Map. (A) Histogram of all GI .. Weibezahn, J., Hein, M.Y., Poser, I., Mann, M., et al. (). Mystic Circlets For Any Figure is a set of 5 circlets that can be used with any figure. By default they fit to Genesis 2 Female(s), but we also included fit morphs for the 6 Texture and Bump Maps ( x ); 1 Texture Map ( x ); 2 Texture. [Tools You'll Use] Texture map, Bump Map, Object List, Material List, Room help, Pop-up menu The Shader Window, shown in Figure , is a large interface for creating and editing materials. [Figure ] Preview panel of the Render Settings dialog box . Going Deeper into 'X-Men''s Origins. Poser 3D animation software & character creator for digital artists delivers powerful Poser Pro 11 is the complete solution for creating art and animation with 3D characters. Includes over 5 GB of human and animal figures and 3D elements. Bullet Physics for Soft Body Dynamics, Rigid Body and Hair Weight Map Rigging. s 5 maps poser s figures

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Your browser does not seem to s 5 maps poser s figures JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. In Daz Studio click with right mouse button on the figures surface tab on the letters "surface" to get a menu. From the menu select Load UV Set You will be asked a name for new UV. You'd have to open the mesh in a 3d application, create s 5 maps poser s figures UV mapping and then export the mesh.

Not worth the time. Why do you need to change the UVs? It takes like 5 minutes tops since I've done it so many times. There has to be some way Poser 11 can do this. If DAZ Studio can do it, a free program, then Poser 11 should do it ten times easier and more efficiently. Depends how your alternative UV is set up. Is vertex list the same but only the UV positions and island boundaries change?

I spoke with shvrdavid and he said I can edit the two calls in a cr2 to load the new V4 obj with new UV mapping instead of it using the default V4 obj. If this works that is huge, I can make V4 look extremely good even after heavy deformation in Zbrush. Yes you can swap the obj file and therefore get the new UVMap that is stored in the obj, however you might find she bends strangely and other morphs will probably be screwy.

I'm hoping that if it's the exact same OBJ just with a different UV map, S 5 maps poser s figures won't run into problems with strange bends and screwy morphs. A UV swapper python script would be a dream come true. Smith Micro is still stuck in that "texture stretching is a normal part of 3d life" mindset, but it's not, lol. Texture stretching sucks! I want to fix it.

It'smulti criteria decision making methods movies need to destroy texture stretching and texture UV anomalies once and for all. Yes you can adapt the 2 lines in the cr2 to point to a differently UV-Unwrapped obj file.

But, and here comes the but. You can change the UV-Unwrap externally but the obj has to keep its vertex order. But most do not care to pre-paint their textures for bends and release "as is". There are multiple apps out there where you can re-paint the textures on posed figures. Blender is one of them.

You are very knowledgeable on this subject. I appreciate your help and everyone else's help who responded so far. My biggest concern is getting the right export settings for the OBJ out of 3d studio max, that has always been a nightmare. You pre-shrink the texture at the bends repaint and adapt the s 5 maps poser s figures detail in the offending area'sand let the bends do their stretching back to normal size. I have a few versions of Antonia that I modified the UVs a bit for extreme morphs, and the morphs still work etc.

I have a few versions of other figures as well, which I did the same way. V3, and many of the SM figures You can even go as far as re UV a figure to use another characters texture sets if you want too. I did all the mods to the UVs in Blender, which allows you to retain the exact vertex order, which is a requirement. Load the obj directly from a directory, not a Poser export, and everything should still work afterwards if the same vertex count and order is retained.

It has been years since I used Zbrush, but I don't see why you can't do the same thing in Zbrush or any other modelling program for that s 5 maps poser s figures. To do so, you have simply make 2 figures in one obj file. I know, sounds odd, but it works. When you are done, there are a few ways to change the UVs that are used. One is to make all the materials for the unused part of the figure transparent.

Basically you end up with an obj that has twice as many material areas, effectively doubling them. Each set, using different UV's. There are some issues with doing so, and that is one of the reasons I just make a new OBJ and be done with it.

There are ways to do procedural, joint bend relative UV stretching in Poser's material room. The modulated U and V masks then plug into the U and V inputs of all of the s 5 maps poser s figures texture, bump and specular maps. This is essentially dynamic UV weight mapping done in the material s 5 maps poser s figures. That way I don't even have to export. I la rush pcsx2 mac actually use your texture solution you're talking about, but in my case I need to re-do the UV's.

You can use the free cr2editor to open the cr2 file. Free cr2editor. You will be looking for 2 lines similar to this one loading Tanya in this case. This gives you the path where you can find your V4 obj file on your HD. If all you are doing is amending the UV offsets and not adding new islands etc then I think we can utilise PoserPython to load an alternate UV map, as it would simply be changing the location of the UV verts, sort of like ensuring the vert order is the same when making a morph, is it worth me having a look at that, you would need to have your modified obj that holds the uv map and select it when running the script.

Graphics Forum. How to load new UV mapping for V4 in Poser 11? This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. DAZ Studio can do this using the following methods: How do I achieve the above equivalent in Poser s 5 maps poser s figures Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Reply Quote 0 T. Why not just fix the UV map in Zbrush? Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this in Poser.

It does not support alternate UV selection. Reply Quote 1 1 Reply Last reply. Reply Quote 1 T. Reply Quote 0 V. Hmm, now I need to come up with a workflow for all this. Open Poser Export the OBJ of V4 where the textures have a problem. Fix the UV map. Make a copy of the default V4 OBJ of the body part you want to fix. Export it properly with the correct scale, position, etc. The Solution: Just to add to this, there is a way to do multiple UVs in Poser.

Well, sort of, anyway. Each set, using different UV's There are some issues with doing so, and that is one of the reasons I just make a new OBJ and be done with it. The region mask limits what areas of the UV map are affected by the joint bending, and can graduate the effect by tapered shading around the region's edges. Free cr2editor You will be looking for 2 lines similar to this one loading Tanya in a milli kendrick lamar mp3 s case.

The line can load either an obj or a obz file. Loading More Posts 18 Posts. Reply Reply as topic.

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